In Memory

Patty R. Lintt (Carragher)

Patty died in October of 1999 of cancer.  This information was emailed to the committee by Patty's son.  A mailing was sent out regarding the 40th reunion in 2001 and her son was kind enough to pass along this information about his mother.  She was living in Riverhead, NY when she died.

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Cathy Stump (Rauch)

Enrolling in Lincoln High mid-year as a senior, Ed Mason says the transition to this new high school was made easier by very special friends. Randy Acher was and still is, a "best friend." Also, Patty was a very important friend to him. In a phone conversation with Ed, he remembered being in Mrs. Schwarz's "International Relations" class with Patty and he said their conversations were much more memorable than Mrs. Schwarz's curriculum. Apparently Mrs. Schwarz noticed their lack of attention and took Ed aside. She asked him to urge Patty to work harder in class because Mrs. Schwarz said Patty was so bright and had enormous potential. Ed agreed that Patty was very smart. However, both he and Patty felt their attention to International Relations was not particularly time well spent! They enjoyed the company of each other much more. Ed wrote on his reply sheet, "I never saw Patty after high school although I never forgot her. She was a very important part of my life."

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