In Memory

Janis E. Mauter (Brunk)

Following graduation from LHS Janis attended Lincoln Beauty Academy and later worked as a secretary.  Janis was a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend and was also an accomplished artist.  She sold her artwork, using oils, charcoals and pastels.  She had a wonderful sense of color and materials.  Her home was a good example of her abilities.  Complications with her vision put an end to her artwork.  Janis was a quiet person who took care of her parents for the last 15 years of her life.  She was their lifeline and did everything for them without a complaint even if it caused complications in her personal life.  She was a person who helped others without expecting thanks.  She would be the first one in line to help family and friends.  She also loved animals and would never fail to take in a stray animal and give it love and a home.  Janis died after forty-five days in intensive care with monitors and all the other things they attach to people in cardiac care units, and she still thought of her family.  She never complained about her ordeal but was concerned about others until the very end.  There must be a special place for people as special as Janis and I know she is there.  Janis was living in Lincoln at the time of her death.  Janis died March 31, 2000 and is survived by her husband, one son, her parents and two sisters.  

The Class of 1961 is indebted to Janis' family for providing this information about her life.