In Memory

Corwin D. Moore

Corwin D. Moore

Corwin Dungan Moore was born on November 16, 1943 in Lincoln, NE and passed away on September 6, 2020 in Ypsilanti, MI.  He was under the care of Muehlig Funeral Chapel.

When a more complete obituary becomes available it will be posted.  Classmates may find these two comments interesting which were posted on Muehling Funeral Chapel website.


Corwin and Warren family friend.


Corwin was such a good friend to the Warren family. He came to us through his dear friend Charlotte Warren, who met him when she lived in Ann Arbor. He would come to visit here in Virginia. We were fascinated by his van with many antennae sprouting from it and wondered what all he might be tuned into. He had a rare sense of humor that somehow adapted very well to the Warren sense of humor. His points of view were interesting, often wry and all his own. And when he'd bring his tuba or his bass, what a jamboree we would have. The chair I have at the head of my dining room table is one Corwin gave Char and the computer table my sister Vicky has is one he made for Char. He was so very helpful to our beloved Charlotte in so many ways. Tini and I were back in touch with him after Charlotte died in 2012, and in recent years too. We have so many fond memories of Corwin! We miss him!


Greg Forrest


I became aware of Corwin in the 1990’s as part of my interest in radio communications. I believe Corwin was the founder of the Personal Radio Steering Group (PRSG), an advocate organization for the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). The GMRS is a small slice of radio spectrum that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocated for personal and family use many decades ago. In fact, he was likely the most successful and dedicated advocate for this service ever – to the extent that the FCC staff knew him by first name (and later resented his success in protecting the service from their incompetence). Well before the Internet became mainstream he published a regular GMRS newsletter documenting recent FCC developments and various technical radio topics. This educated me early in radio engineering career, both directly (through technical and regulatory topics) and indirectly (though his writing style and quality). I finally met Corwin when he drove out to the San Francisco Bay area to attend Jazz Camp in the La Honda area near the coast (sometime between 2000-2005?). He dropped by my home to attend a BBQ with other Bay Area GMRS licensees. And yes – he came in his legendary van with lots of radio gear and antennas. Corwin was the highlight of the entire event as he was somewhat of a legend. The GMRS remains viable today because of his efforts. We did not know each other that well (he has 20 years on me) but he will not be forgotten. Greg Pleasanton, CA