In Memory

Sidney M. Rhamy (Massa)

Sidney, known to family and close friends always as “Sandy”, lived in Lincoln after graduation, married and had three sons.  She was a busy homemaker, taking care of her three young sons.  Sidney died December 26, 1966 in a house fire, which started at night by Christmas tree lights.  The family was upstairs, the fire quickly spreading out of control.  Sidney’s husband, David, wrapped their two older sons in a blanket and carried them out uninjured but David was very badly burned.  Sidney and her youngest son both died.  David was hospitalized until Easter of 1967.  David eventually remarried and moved to Friend, NE.  Some time later, one of these surviving sons died in an accidental shooting in their home but lived long enough for his organs to be donated to UNMC for transplant.  Six months later, David was killed in a car accident.  Sidney’s remaining son lives in Greenwood, NE with his wife and three children.  They are a close and supportive family.

Sidney’s sister, Marilyn Rhamy Stewart, LHS Class of 1956 who retired as a computer cataloger from Library Media Services, Lincoln Public Schools, graciously provided this information.  The Class of ’61 extends our thanks to Marilyn.