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Stephen R. Schick

Stephen was living in Huntsville, Alabama, at the time of his death November 23, 2002.  He was a Chemical Engineer for Red Stone Arsenal in Huntsville.  Stephen was a retired Major in the Missouri National Guard.  He was survived by his wife, Mary, two sons, two daughters and five grandchildren. 

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01/22/10 10:01 AM #1    

Joan D. Rockwell (Brannigan)

Steve and I went to the same church in high school. We became friends there and at school and dated in high school. Steve was really smart and really funny. One of my fondest memories was him showing off to me by running down the hall at school and running up the wall.

At the ten year reunion we learned that we were living one suburb apart in St. Louis. His wife and my husband and he and I got together to watch University of Nebraska football games. Shortly after this he lost his job in St. Louis and moved to Texas for another job. We used to email often to mostly discuss our thoughts on religion and politics. One day his emails stopped and I learned later it was about the time he died of a heart attack.

Steve had a large family, four children if I remember correctly. He loved his family. He lost several jobs because of no fault of his own and was constantly having to move his family. He earned a chemical engineering degree from the University of Nebraska.

He also served in the Air Force in Vietnam.

02/01/10 07:40 PM #2    

Cathy Stump (Rauch)

Ed Mason was a close friend of Steve's. Ed valued Steve's humor and quick wit. He recalled this classroom experience which took place in Mr. Compton's chemistry class.

Ed remembered, "Steve and I had a chemistry class together with Mr. Compton. The class was very early in the day and Steve and I sat way in the back, slumped and not really awake. We were studying "hard water". Mr. Compton asked, 'Can anyone tell us what you can call "hard water"?' Wanting to lead a discussion to the elements of H20, Mr. Compton didn't miss a beat, even when Steve spoke up from the back of the room and said "ice"."

(From a phone conversation with Ed on Feb. 1, 2010. Ed had just learned that Steve had died and said he'd like to have this memory posted on Steve's Memory Page.)

10/14/10 10:24 PM #3    

James E. Merriman

Steve and I shared a few times together in Chemistry.  Steve knew all the formulas for explosions.  I remember that my chemistry book at Lincoln High had a round burn spot on the cover from Steve seting a hot vile on it.  Steve and I rode to gether on Saturday mornings going to Chemistry Lab at UNL in 62.  Steve and I used to dry lab all the experiments.  I remember Steve and I seting off and explosion in the men's uninal at UNL.  You know if any one knew what we had done we would have been kicked out. 

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