In Memory

Mickey E. Snider

Mick was living with his wife, Cheryl, in Calabasas, CA at the time of his death, October 31, 2000.  He died as a result of injuries suffered in a one-car accident approximately one week prior to his death.  He was a retired teacher.  He and Cheryl lived in CA for approximately ten years and previously had lived in Chicago.

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01/22/10 10:21 AM #1    

Joan D. Rockwell (Brannigan)

Oh, my... what can I say about Mickey. He was good looking, smart and always making bad choices. I think his mother was single and I can imagine raising him was difficult. He loved to party which included too much drinking, from my perspective. It seemed like he often barely made it to school on Mondays. But he was in the A.P. math class with me and when he was awake, he was on top of the classwork.

I met him at the tenth reunion and we had a long discussion. He was living in Chicago and he and his good looking, sweet Latina wife were both teachers in the public high school there in a rough part of town. He said he was an excellent teacher because he knew every trick in the book that a kid would try to pull because he had tried them all himself. He was still playing in a band on the weekends in Chicago.

At the next reunion I learned that he had died in a motorcycle accident in California. I wondered if he had gone to California to make it with his band.

I'll be interested to hear from some of his closer friends about him.

01/24/10 12:15 AM #2    

Cathy Stump (Rauch)

When planning our 40th reunion, we "found" Mick in Calabasas, CA. He and his wife planned to attend the reunion and we had received his reservation. We then received the overwhelmingly sad news that he had died in a freak accident. The car he was driving malfunctioned and exploded. After about a week in ICU, Mick died. His dear wife communicated these few details. He was definitely a handsome, smart kid that pushed the limits. Always loved that about him.

01/24/10 12:59 PM #3    

Susan K. Hanneman (Williams)

Mickey and I attended Everett Jr. High along with Wicky and Johnny Akers. He was soooooo cute and fun to be around. He lived with his mother somewhere around 13th and J, as I recall when we'd walk home from some sports event and drop Mick off at his apartment. Never did know his father. Micky was always up, always glad to see you, and forever had a cute comment to pass onto you. His hair always invited fingers to run through it, but don't know anybody who got to accomplish that. At our 20th reunion, I was aghast at his long, curly hair, but then again, that was Micky and to know him was to love him.

02/26/10 10:00 AM #4    

Gloria J. Kowrack (Schmidt)

I moved back to Lincoln in the 9th grade and went to Everett that year. Mickey just made you feel better to look at him. I left my first love in Chicago (well second Marty) and it was fun to have Mickey to dream about. Farrah, you will be forever in our hearts.

01/26/11 11:37 PM #5    

Todd Hoover

OK, Mickey - I have a confession to make!   I always felt that life was unfair to me - completely - as I think about Mickey Snider.  How on earth could one person have so much ---  ah -- charisma?   Is that a good word..  How about just plain jealous.  I mean, really.  I will never forget one evening party at Filbert's home.  Lots and lots of people there - drinking and talking and smoking - you know, all of the things that "real" adults are supposed to be doing.  Then, Ol' Snider roles up in his white convertible with a fabulous blonde.  I mean, knock me out!  That's it, Snider...  life IS unfair.  I left the party later that night - with the guys.  Gees, bummer!!!!! 

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